Conexa Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

Conexa brings the “power of three” to soft tissue repair. Representing the next generation in reconstructive tissue matrices, Conexa offers all three ideal matrix characteristics:

Sterile — Ready to Use — Supports Regeneration

With controlled extracellular tissue processing, Conexa brings the science of regeneration with added surgeon versatility.

Conexa™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix

What is Conexa?

Sterile. Ready to use. Supports regeneration. Conexa provides a complex three-dimensional architecture with preserved essential matrix components that support regeneration. With no extended time needed for rehydration, Conexa offers a ready-to-use biological solution for soft tissue repair.


  • May offer the physician greater security and less risk of infection.
  • Conexa is a sterile medical device with a sterility assurance level of 10-6.

Ready to Use

  • Can be used immediately upon a two minute rinse.
  • Room temperature storage requiring neither refrigeration nor a lengthy rehydration process.

Supports Regeneration

  • Provides key matrix components.

Non Cross-Linked

  • Supports rapid cell repopulation and revascularization.

Tissue Source

  • Porcine dermis.
  • May provide greater consistency.
  • Regulated as medical device, not subject to human tissue regulations.
  • Either side may be placed in contact with the operative site.


  • Full mechanical properties right out of the package.

Size Matrix

  • Tailored sizes for orthopedic indications.
  • Designed to eliminate waste and minimize excess cost.

The Science of Regeneration

Not all tissue matrices are created equal. The biological mechanism of action between products may be quite different. The body responds uniquely to various tissue matrices through either positive or negative recognition (i.e., “self” or “non-self”). Through this recognition process, the body may react to the method of tissue processing resulting in one of three distinct mechanisms of action: Regeneration, Resorption, or Encapsulation.

Positive Recognition

(Body recognizes matrix as “self”)

Supports Regeneration

  • Intact matrix with strong mechanical characteristics.
  • Supports cellular repopulation and revascularization.
  • Not dependent on inflammatory process.
  • Body accepts and integrates the intact tissue matrix as part of the host tissue.
  • Antigen responsible for the xenogenic response has been significantly reduced.

Negative Recognition

(Body recognizes matrix as “non-self” or “foreign material”)


  • Matrix may be damaged by a process used for sterilization or minimization of the cross-species reaction.
  • Mechanism driven by inflammatory process.
  • Results in the break-down of the matrix, fibrosis, scarring, and contracture.
  • Body may attack the damaged tissue to break it down and eliminate it.


  • Cross-linking of the matrix renders collagen resistant to collagenase digestion.
  • Matrix may not integrate and is recognized as foreign body resulting in “classic” foreign body reaction.
  • Host tissue may be surrounded by fibrous/scar-like tissue.
  • May be more susceptible to infection.
  • Body may attack the cross-linked tissue to extrude or wall it off from the host tissue.

Power of Three

The ideal tissue matrix is sterile, ready to use, and supports regeneration by being readily accepted by the host tissue.


  • Conexa is a sterile medical device with a sterility assurance level of 10-6.
  • Conexa achieves 10-6 SAL in such a way that does not damage the extra cellular matrix.

Ready to Use

  • Conexa is ready to use upon a two minute rinse.
  • Conexa is stored at room temperature, -8°C to 30°C (18°F to 86°F).
  • Some competitors’ matrices must be rehydrated which can take from 10-60 minutes, taking up more OR time and increasing the cost of each procedure.

Supports Regeneration

  • Some processes used to minimize cross-species reactions or to gain terminal sterility may damage the matrix, but Conexa’s processing ensures essential matrix components are left intact to support regeneration.
    • Collagen supports cellular migration and repopulation
    • Large & small proteoglycans: provide the ability for cells to bind and connect with one another
    • Vascular channels: allow for blood perfusion to the host tissue
  • Conexa is not cross-linked, which may allow for optimal cell migration and revascularization.
  • An antigen responsible for the cross-species reaction has been significantly reduced without damaging the matrix.
  • Body accepts and integrates the intact tissue matrix as part of the host through rapid revascularization and cell repopulation.
  • Remodeling to the host tissue is achieved.


The Conexa™ reconstructive tissue matrix is intended for the reinforcement of soft tissue repaired by sutures or suture anchors during tendon repair surgery, including reinforcement of rotator cuff, patellar, Achilles, biceps, quadriceps, or other tendons.

Indications for use also include the repair of body wall defects which require the use of reinforcing or bridging material to obtain the desired surgical outcome. The device is not intended to replace normal body structure or provide full mechanical strength to support tendon repair of the rotator cuff, patellar, Achilles, biceps, quadriceps, or other tendons. Sutures, used to repair the tear, and sutures or bone anchors used to attach the tissue to the bone, provide biomechanical strength for the tendon repair.

Conexa is intended for single patient, one time use only. Before use, the physician should review all risk information which is found in the Instructions For Use attached in the package of each Conexa reconstructive tissue matrix.

Order Information

All Conexa sizes were chosen by a panel of orthopedic and podiatric surgeons. The sizes are designed to meet the needs of specific orthopedic procedures and indications. All Conexa grafts can be trimmed down to physician preference.

Unique Physical Characteristics

Conexa™ 100

Tactile Feel:Thinner and firmer

Conexa™ 200

Tactile Feel:Thicker and more pliable

Product Matrix

Product Item #Product Description
Conexa™ 100
BCP 020410Conexa 100 – 2cm x 4cm
BCP 040410Conexa 100 – 4cm x 4cm
BCP 060610Conexa 100 – 6cm x 6cm
BCP 051010Conexa 100 – 5cm x 10cm
Conexa™ 200
BCP 030320Conexa 200 – 3cm x 3cm
BCP 050520Conexa 200 – 5cm x 5cm
BCP 051020Conexa 200 – 5cm x 10cm