The RFS™ (Resorbable Fixation System) Pin System is constructed of oriented bioresorbable polymer poly (L-lactic/co-glycolic acid PLGA copolymer 85L/15G). These polymers have a long history of safe medical use and degrade in vivo by hydrolosis into an alpha hydroxyl acids that are metabolized by the body.

RFS™ Pin

Features & Benefits

The RFS™ Pin combines innovative Self-Locking SL technology — instant and delayed — with its patented grooved surface design to provide enhanced rotational stability, the flexibility to accommodate variable drill hole sizes, and channels for potential vascularization.

Provide enhanced rotational stability.

Each RFS Pin is constructed of oriented bioresorbable L-lactic/co-glycolic acid PLGA copolymer (85L/15G) and is provided in a secure, "no-touch" aseptic Pin Holder.

The copolymer degrades in vivo by hydrolysis into alpha hydroxy acids that are metabolized by the body.

The RFS Pin is designed to maintain its functional structure for up to 8 weeks and to completely resorb within 2 years.

RFS Pins are implanted with a simple and efficient DPA (Disposable Pin Applicator) kit containing a scored Guidewire, an Applicator Piston, and an Applicator Sleeve.


  • Self-Locking SL technology
  • Instant and delayed locking properties



  • Fixation of bone fractures, osteotomies, arthrodesis and osteochondral fractures in the presence of appropriate immobilization.


  • Fractures and osteotomies in diaphyseal bone
  • Fractures and osteotomies in weight bearing cancellous bone
  • Situations where internal fixation is otherwise contraindicated

Ordering Information

Individually Packaged RFS Pin

Disposable Pin Applicator (DPA) Kit

includes Applicator Piston, Applicator Sleeve, Scored Guidewire.

Note: the guidewire for the 2.0mm pin has a stepped shaft to accomodate standard pin drivers.

RFS Pin Accessories

include High Temperature Cautery.

Pin SizePin Cat#DPA Cat#
1.5 mmRFS-P015RFS-PA15
2.0 mmRFS-P020RFS-PA20
2.7 mmRFS-P027RFS-PA27

High Temperature CauteryRFS-HT03