The RFS™ (Resorbable Fixation System) Screw features a small, low-profile resorbable screw head, industry standard compatible screw thread design and a detachable industry standard compatible head adaptor offering ease of insertion and greater confidence.

RFS™ Screw

Features & Benefits

Each RFS™ Screw is constructed of oriented bioresorbable L-lactic/co-glycolic acid copolymer (PLGA 85L/15G) and is provided in a secure, "no-touch" aseptic Screw Holder.

The proprietary manufacturing process results in an implant with high initial mechanical strength and stiffness, delivering reliable, controlled strength-to-resorption characteristics. As the implant resorbs, the bone gradually restores its load carrying capacity.

The RFS Screw also offers Auto-Compression. The implant is designed to change its dimensional characteristics in hydrolytic conditions. Diameter increases and length decreases 1% - 2% compared to initial dimensions (as seen below). This innovative feature provides sustained compression during bone healing and reduces the risk of unstable fixation.

The RFS Screw allows the preset longitudinal tension to gradually decrease to biomechanically sufficient levels and maintain this tension for a period of time comparable to normal bone healing.


  • Small low-profile resorbable screw head
  • Industry standard screw thread design
  • Detachable universal screw head adaptor
  • Auto-Compression
  • Precise, reliable strength to resorption characteristics
  • No implant removal procedure required
  • Radiolucent
  • Industry standard compatible design



  • The RFS Screw is indicated for fixation of bone fractures, osteotomies, arthrodeses, bone grafts and osteochondral fractures of upper extremity, ankle and foot in the presence of appropriate immobilization.


  • Fractures and osteotomies of diaphyseal bone (except in the hand and foot)
  • Situations where internal fixation is otherwise contraindicated, e.g., active or potential infection and where patient's co-operation cannot be guaranteed.

Ordering Information

2.7mm Fully Threaded

2.7 x 14mm
2.7 x 16mm
2.7 x 18mm
2.7 x 20mm
2.7 x 24mm

3.5mm Fully Threaded

3.5 x 14mm
3.5 x 16mm
3.5 x 18mm
3.5 x 20mm
3.5 x 24mm
3.5 x 28mm
3.5 x 36mm
3.5 x 40mm

3.5mm LAG

3.5 x 20mm
3.5 x 30mm
3.5 x 40mm
3.5 x 45mm

4.5mm Fully Threaded

4.5 x 35mm
4.5 x 40mm
4.5 x 45mm
4.5 x 50mm
4.5 x 90mm

4.5mm LAG

4.5 x 30mm
4.5 x 35mm
4.5 x 40mm
4.5 x 45mm
4.5 x 50mm