Phantom Fiber™

Proven Strong, Then It’s Gone

  • Braided high tensile strength suture
  • Full resorption at 12-18 months

What Is Phantom Fiber?

High Strength,
Resorbable Suture

Phantom Fiber suture is a high strength, resorbable suture made from poly-4-hydroxybutyrate (P4HB), the same clinically proven material as BioFiber™ scaffold. They both resorb through hydrolysis breaking down to water and carbon dioxide over 12-18 months. Strength is provided when most needed in the healing process, while resorption reduces the potential for long term knot stack impingement.


Multiple Applications





Foot & Ankle

Strength & Resorption

Proven Strong…

Reduced Suture Breakage

  • Braided high tensile strength suture
  • At the time of surgery, Phantom Fiber tensile strength is 197N which is comparable to permanent suture and is significantly stronger than PDS resorbable suture
  • 50% strength at 3 months, representing a recognized critical time during the tissue healing process

Suture Tensile Strength Over Time

phantom-chart-2 * Time points measured with a 12 carrier braid suture.
** Data on file at Tornier, Inc. Study was performed in vivo.

…Then It’s Gone.

Reduced Soft Tissue and Skin Irritation

  • Full suture resorption at 12-18 months, breaks down into H2O and CO21,2
  • In a comparison in-vivo animal model study, Phantom Fiber demonstrated less inflammation than Vicryl and polyethylene fibers at one month. Most competitive sutures are made from these materials
  • In both the US and Europe, thousands of BioFiber absorbable scaffolds have been implanted clinically without any adverse events

Resorption of Phantom Fiber Suture

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Order Information

Phantom Fiber Suture

Catalog NumberConfigurationColorNeedle
SMSB01101 pack / Size 2WhiteNo
SMSB01201 pack / Size 2VioletNo
SMSB011210 pack / Size 2WhiteNo
SMSB012210 pack / Size 2VioletNo
SMSB0110N1 pack / Size 2 w/needlesWhiteYes
SMSB0120N1 pack / Size 2 w/needlesVioletYes
SMSB0112N10 pack / Size 2 w/needlesWhiteYes
SMSB0122N10 pack / Size 2 w/needlesVioletYes


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Phantom Fiber Suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, but not for use in cardiovascular or neurological tissues, microsurgery or ophthalmic surgery.


Because the suture will absorb over time and experience loss of tensile strength, it should not be used where permanent wound support is required.