Futura Conical Subtalar Implant

The Conical Subtalar Implant (Model CSI) is designed to facilitate correction of pathologic flatfoot deformities by blocking forward, downward and medial displacement of the talus, thus allowing normal articulation of the subtalar joint while deterring excessive pronation. The CSI is manufactured from medical grade titanium in six sizes and is supported by a procedure specific instrument set.

Futura™ Conical Subtalar Implant (CSI)

Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive conical implant geometry accommodates the sinus tarsi anatomy, aids insertion and allows for an adjustment in blocking motion.
  • Progressively softened threads are designed to minimize edge effects that may lead to pain while resisting migration.
  • Fully cannulated to guide accurate insertion. Apertures allow for soft tissue in-growth.
  • Supporting instrumentation features color-coded, radio-opaque trials for verification of placement.
  • Six sizes with the length varying with the diameter for an anatomical fit.



  • Calcaneal valgus deformity
  • Plantarflexed talus
  • Severe pronation
  • Congenital and painful flatfoot deformity
  • Failed correction with long term orthotic treatment
  • Post tarsal coalition repair
  • Supple deformity in posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
  • Paralytic flat foot deformity
  • Subtalar instability


  • Superstructural alignment deformities
  • Inadequate bone stock
  • Metal allergies
  • Patient unable to comply with post-operative care instructions
  • Active sepsis

Ordering Information

Size Catalog# A B
CSI-07 7 13
CSI-08 08 14
CSI-09 09 15
CSI-10 10 16
11 CSI-11 11 17
12 CSI-12 12 18

Dimensions are in millimeters.