CannuLink™ Intraosseous Fixation System

The CannuLink™ Intraosseous Fixation System is the revolutionary cannulated whole toe solution with versatility to address hammertoe, mallet toe, and floating toe.

CannuLink™ Intraosseous Fixation System

General Information

CannuLink allows the use of a guide wire through the implant to aid in preventing floating toe deformity or without the guide wire in order to not disturb a distal joint or prevent complications from a percutaneous pin. CannuLink exhibits superior pull-out strength to the leading competitors even when a guide wire is not utilized.


Features & Benefits

  • The system contains 4 sizes:
    • 2.2mm
    • 2.4mm
    • 2.7mm
    • 2.9mm
  • CannuLink Max and Angled CannuLink implants are also available.
  • Cannulation provides versatility to address hammertoe, mallet toe & floating toe with an array of guide wire sizes
  • Expandable barbs maximize bone purchase and pull-out strength in the proximal phalanx
  • Cancellous threads optimize pull-out and compression in the poor bone quality of the middle phalanx thereby reducing micromotion
xray-circle-CannuLink CannuLink-pull-out-chart


The CannuLink™ Intraosseous Fixation System is indicated to stabilize and aid in fixation of fractures, fusions, and osteotomies of the phalanges.