NexFix Snap-Off Screw

The NexFix™ Snap-Off Screw System is a self-drilling and self-tapping screw system for fixation of fractures, fusions and osteotomies for the extremity surgeon. The shafts snap-off underneath the low profile screw head to reduce the risk of soft tissue irritation. The goals of the surgical procedure are to precisely position and maintain bony fragments in a desired orientation, and to provide stable fixation of the osteotomy/fusion site until a stable bony union occurs.

NexFix™ Snap-Off Screw System

Features & Benefits

Self-drilling and self-tapping screw system.

  • Shafts designed for wire drivers
  • Shafts snap sub-flush to reduce the risk of soft tissue impingement
  • Self-retaining screw driver for easy screw pick up and optimal control
  • Instrumentation specifically designed for the Weil Osteotomy procedure
  • Unique compression clamp measures screw length while holding osteotomy in desired orientation
  • Medical grade titanium alloy


For osteotomies, fusions and fractures of small bones.

Ordering Information

NexFix Snap-Off Screw

Catalog#Diameter (A)Length (B)
NSO-20112.0 mm11 mm
NSO-20122.0 mm12 mm
NSO-20132.0 mm13 mm
NSO-27132.7 mm13 mm
NSO-27152.7 mm15 mm
NSO-27172.7 mm17 mm

NexFix Snap-Off System

NSO-SN01Implants & Instrument Set