EdgeLock™ Calcaneal Slide Osteotomy Plate

The EdgeLock™ plating technique creates a firm buttress to prevent redisplacement of a sliding type calcaneal displacement osteotomies. The low profile construct does not violate the the heel pad or disrupt the growth plate.

EdgeLock™ Calcaneal Slide Osteotomy Plate

General Information

The EdgeLock is a partially intraosseous plate which is inserted through a single lateral incision eliminating the possibility of scar tissue build up in the heel pad. The EdgeLock can be used for either medial or lateral calcaneal sliding osteotomies.


Features & Benefits

  • The small footprint minimizes the amount of soft tissue stripping required compared to typical lateral plates
  • The intraosseous design eliminates any possible irritation with the peroneal tendons on the anterior segment of the calcaneus
  • The technique may reduce OR time by eliminating the need for fluoroscopy during insertion.
  • The plate “hood” aids in optimal compression of the posterior fragment and the 14° of angulation allows the surgeon the opportunity to capture the sustentaculum.
  • The plating technique does not violate the growth plate of the calcaneus in pediatric patients


The EdgeLock Plate is indicated for fractures, fusions and osteotomies of bones in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle in pediatric and adult patients.