MedialMax™ System

The MedialMax™ System is intended for fusion and or stabilization of the 1st metatarsal cuneiform joint with or without inclusion of the navicular cuneiform joint. Specific procedures include the Lapidus procedure and Medial Column Fusions.

MedialMax™ Medial Column System

General Information

The MedialMax System includes three plating options: Standard MTC Plates, PocketLock™ MTC Plates, and Medial Column Fusion Plates. They are all designed for a medial application. All plates feature low profile, anatomic designs for medial plate application.


Features & Benefits


PocketLock MTC Plates:

  • Are offered in three angles (neutral, 4°, and 8°) to accommodate varying patient anatomy and deformity correction which eliminates the need to bend the plate
  • Contain PocketLock Technology which combines the compression of a 4.0mm partially threaded interfragmentary screw with the rigidity of a plate
  • Ensures repeatable interfragmentary screw position and prevents the potential for hardware collision.

Standard MTC Plates:

  • Contain a compression slot which allows up to 2.0mm of translation
  • Allows the surgeon the flexibility of placing their own lag screw outside of the plate

Medial Column Fusion Plate:

  • Anatomically contoured to fit the dorsomedial aspect of the MTC - NC joint complex
  • Contains two compression slots that are opposed thereby driving compression toward the cuneiform

All plates contain Tribrid™ Technology which can accommodate non-locking, fixed angle locking, and variable angle locking screws to provide fixation without compromise.



The MedialMax Plates are indicated for fractures, fusions and osteotomies of bones in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle in pediatric and adult patients.