MaxLock Extreme™ Plate and Screw System

The MaxLock Extreme™ Plate and Screw System is a comprehensive foot and ankle system which contains a versatile set of universal and indication specific implants and instruments. The unique anatomical contour of the plates allows for an accurate fit. Low profile plates come in a variety sizes and shapes to meet the needs of a surgeons’ patient population. The implants incorporate compression slots and Tribrid™ Technology for a range of stability in several areas.

MaxLock Extreme™ Plate and Screw System

General Information

MaxLock Extreme can be used for multiple procedures including, but not limited to: 1st MTP fusions, naviculo-cunieform fusions, jones fractures, lisfranc injuries, lapidus, TMT fusions, fibula fractures, calcanealcubiod fusions, ankle fusions and talonavicular fusions. The modularity of this platform system has allowed for continued plate and screw innovation with supplementary plate caddies to meet your practice and patient needs.


Features & Benefits


Universal Plates

  • Universal plates come in alpha and beta versions as opposed to right and left allowing the plates to be used where best fit is achieved
  • The slots in the universal plates can generate up to 2mm of compression, if warranted
  • The offset ears allow for multi-planar fixation which increases the pull out strength of the construct
  • If a non-locking screw is used, a 25 degrees of conical freedom can be achieved

MTP Plates

  • Anatomically contoured 1st MTP Plates come in right and left sides in Revision, Standard and Narrow versions
  • Each plate has 10º Valgus and 5º Dorsiflexion
  • The plates have offset ears for mutli-planar fixation and a slot that provides the option for 1.5mm of compression

TMT Plates

  • Anatomical TMT Plates come both flat and contoured
  • For Lisfranc injuries, the plates provide axial and coronal stability while eliminating the damage caused by cross screws through the articular cartilage.
  • The plates contain compression slots that provide the option of obtaining 1.5mm of compression in each ray

OrthoLink™ and Y-Plates

  • Small versatile plates that can be used for many indications and have been favored in small patients
  • Available in a variety of lengths and orientations
  • The plates have a slot that provides the option of obtaining 1.5mm of compression


The plates contain Tribrid™ Technology which allows the surgeon to base their screw choice on the patient needs and bone quality. The threaded holes of the plate can accommodate either a non-locking, fixed angle locking, and variable angle locking screw.

  • 3.5mm Variable Angle Locking Screw
    The PEEK Ring, which comes preassembled on a disposable driver, can be inserted into threaded holes of the plates. When the 3.5mm variable locking screw is inserted, it interfaces with the PEEK Ring to create a locked construct. The construct can allow for up to 30° of conical freedom while providing rigid fixation. If a surgeon inserts a PEEK Ring with a variable angle screw and then decides to remove it due to the patient’s needs, the plate is still useable and will not be damaged due to the removal.
  • 3.5mm Fixed-Angle Locking Screws
    The fixed angle locking 3.5mm screw, when interfaced with the plate, creates a locked construct at an angle that is typical to most fixation patterns.
  • 2.7mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm Non-locking Screws
    Three non-locking screw options are provided in the system to accommodate a variety of preferences and patient types.

All the screws provided in the MaxLock Extreme system incorporate a hybrid thread form. The hybrid thread form has the smaller pitch of a cortical screw and the wide threads of a cancellous screw which is designed to optimize purchase and enhance pull-out strength. The screws feature a tapered minor diameter throughout the first few threads to increase the bending strength. The screws are blunt tipped and self-tapping, and contain a HexStar™ drive designed to maximize the surface contact of the driving mechanism and reduce the chance of stripping.


The MaxLock Extreme is indicated for fractures, fusions and osteotomies of bones in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle in pediatric and adult patients.