MaxTorque™ Cannulated Screws System

The MaxTorque’s unique thread design offers better bone purchase and significantly increases pull out strength compared to other cannulated screws.

MaxTorque™ Cannulated Screws System

General Information

The MaxTorque Cannulated Screw System is a comprehensive set of implantable bone fixation screws, available in 4.0mm, 5.5mm, and 7.0mm sizes. The screws have been designed to provide better bone purchase and optimize pull-out strength.


Features & Benefits

  • The system includes 4.0mm, 5.5mm and 7.0mm screws of various lengths with corresponding flat and contoured washers.
  • Screw design features:
    • Spherical head design to minimize soft tissue irritation
    • Self-tapping & self-drilling to reduce steps in the OR (blunt tip option is available if reduce tendon irritation it desired)
    • Reverse cutting flutes assist in screw removal
    • HexStar™ Drive reduces stripping
  • The system is also color coded for easy instrument selection.
  • The screws have been specifically designed to maximize the thread depth to improve overall compression and pull-out strength.

A pull-out test was conducted with the two market leaders of large cannulated screws. The test was replicated with seven distinct trials and each time the MaxTorque screw beat the competition. The data indicated that the MaxTorque screw averages 46% and 57% better than the Market Leaders. The seven trials showed MaxTorque screws beating the competition by as much as 69% and 82% respectively.

Due to the unique thread design of the MaxTorque screw, the pull-out strength tested significantly better than the other two screws. All three screws tested were manufactured from Titanium Alloy and were either 7.0mm or 7.3mm in outer diameter.

*This study was performed by an independent testing lab.


Also available: Mini MaxTorque™, a modular system that can be customized to fit small bone needs. The ZP™ (Zero Profile) screws have cutting flutes just under the head of the screw to allow for a low profile screw head to reduce the chance of tendon irritation. The screws are self-tapping/self-drilling and have reverse cutting flutes for easy removal. They are available in 2.5mm, 3.2mm & 3.8mm diameters.


The MaxTorque and Mini MaxTorque Screw Systems are indicated for use in long and small bone fracture, fusion, and osteotomy fixation, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Fractures of the tarsal and metatarsals
  • Fractures of the olecranon, distal humerus
  • Fractures of the radius and ulna
  • Patellar fractures
  • Distal tibia and pilon fractures
  • Fractures of the fibula, medial malleolus, os calcis
  • Tarso-metatarsal and metatarsal-phalangeal Arthrodesis
  • Metatarsal and Phalangeal osteotomies
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Ligament fixation
  • Other small fragment, cancellous bone fractures and osteotomies