CalcLock Extreme™

The CalcLock Extreme™ system provides anatomically contoured perimeter plates & less invasive plates that are designed to aid in the repair of calcaneal fractures.

CalcLock Extreme™

General Information

The plates’ aim is to maximize stability in the area of the fracture with the greatest inherent instability, namely throughout the posterior facet fragment. Specialized instrumentation is provided to aid in the reduction of the fracture with both the CalcLock Extreme and the CalcLock Less Invasive Plate.


Features & Benefits


CalcLock Perimeter Plate

Strategically placed screw holes direct four screws into the sustentaculum. The contour of the plate and dual struts are designed to minimize subsidence and irritation of the peroneal tendons. The low-profile plates come in a variety of sizes to meet surgeon preference and patient anatomy.


CalcLock Less Invasive Plate

The less invasive plate profile and PEEK targeting jig facilitates plate and screw placement easily and accurately through small incisions intended to avoid wound healing complications encountered with lateral extensile approaches.


All plates contain Tribrid™ Technology which can accommodate non-locking, fixed angle locking, and variable angle locking screws to provide fixation without compromise. Optional partially threaded screws are also available upon request to optimize compression of the lateral fragment to the sustentacular fragment.


The CalcLock Extreme Plates are indicated for fractures, fusions and osteotomies of bones in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle in pediatric and adult patients.