OrthoLink™ Opening Wedge Plates

The OrthoLink™ Opening Wedge Plates feature spacing fins to maintain correction and facilitate more bone growth in the osteotomy site during healing.

OrthoLink™ Opening Wedge Plates

General Information

The OrthoLink 2-Hole Wedge Osteotomy Plate is intended for wedge osteotomies of the mid and hindfoot, such as Cotton and Evans osteotomies.

The OrthoLink Medial Wedge Osteotomy Plate is intended for metatarsal osteotomies for treatment of moderate to severe hallux valgus deformity.


Features & Benefits


The OrthoLink 2-Hole Wedge Osteotomy Plate’s combination of locking hole geometry and spacing fins provides secure correction fixation both during surgery and during recovery.


The OrthoLink Medial Wedge Osteotomy Plates for larger corrections (4mm and higher) have a pre-bent contour corresponding to the appropriate correction angle and anatomy. This minimizes the need for plate contouring, which can often damage the threaded locking hole and compromise implant fatigue strength. This feature also may reduce the stress on the remaining lateral cortex of the metatarsal osteotomy compared to the straight competitive plates.


The plates contain Tribrid™ Technology. Surgeons base their screw choice on patient needs and bone quality. The plates allow for three screw options (non-locking, fixed angle locking and variable angle locking) which can be used in any of the threaded holes of the plate.


The MaxLock Extreme is indicated for fractures, fusions and osteotomies of bones in the hand, wrist, foot and ankle in pediatric and adult patients.