Force Fiber

Composed of a unique, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber, Tornier Force Fiber™ Suture offers the strength and flexibility needed for everything from minor cuts to major surgery, including approximation and litigation of soft tissues—especially the use of allograft tissue for orthopaedic procedures.

Force Fiber™ High Strength Suture


Available in size 2 and 3-4, blue/white or black/white cobraid, these high strength sutures are available with or without attached needles, come preloaded in all Insite™ suture implants, or packaged as a suture product ready for surgery.

  • Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber provides flexibility and unmatched strength.
  • Unique braid construction has 47% better knot break strength than Fiberwire™.
  • Lubricious design allows each knot to slide for smoother, more efficient performance.
  • A flatter surface allows each knot to lock against the previous, providing superior knot security.

Force Fiber™ is a registered trademark of Teleflex Incorporated