ArthroPass™ II

Simple, efficient, effective.

ArthroPass™ II

Features & Benefits

The jaw is designed as an integrated tissue grasper/suture passer that reduces surgical steps and can also be used for suture grasping and retrieval.

Proprietary coating process reduces friction when compared to uncoated needles.

Robust metal cylinder for easy needle loading and removal, and symmetric needle design to eliminate upside down loading.

Designed for simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness, the Tornier ArthroPass II lateral suture passer features:

  • A heat-treated, coated needle that:
    • Reduces friction and stickiness during needle deployment and retrieval
    • Has a new tip design optimized for precise delivery and release of suture
    • Can pass Size 2 through Size 3-4 braided UHMWPE sutures


ArthroPass II Indications:

The ArthroPass II Suture Passer is indicated for passing suture through tissue in orthopaedic surgery.


Device is not to be used on bone or similar hard tissues.


The ArthroPass II Suture Passer must be used under direct visualization, whether used arthroscopically or in open surgery.

CAUTION: The ArthroPass Suture Passer Needle is intended for single use only. Re-sterilization or reuse of this device has not been tested and may result in compromised device performance.

Ordering Information

ArthroPass™ II
SMA000101 Tornier ArthroPass II Suture Passer
0846832110469 Tornier ArthroPass Suture Passer Needle, 1 Pack
0846832010448 Tornier ArthroPass Suture Passer Needle, 5 Pack
Prior to using any Tornier device, please review the instructions for use and surgical technique for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events, and directions for use.

Use with Force Fiber™ High Strength Suture