Latitude EV Total Elbow Prosthesis

Latitude EV is the only total elbow implant that is designed to replicate the natural anatomy of the elbow. The innovative Latitude gives surgeons the ability to reproduce the natural flexion/extension axis and restore natural kinematics of the elbow with its anatomic design. The Latitude EV implant design is founded on the original Latitude implant which has been in clinical use since 2001.

Latitude™ EV Total Elbow Prosthesis


Reproduce the anatomy...

Latitude EV Total Elbow prosthesis is designed to reproduce the patient’s anatomy and restore the natural kinematics of the elbow, while offering maximum flexibility in elbow arthroplasty.

Design Feature


Intraoperative flexibility to link or unlink the implant (a change in linkage can be performed at any time)

Flexible options to address a wide range of indications and patient needs

Linked ulnohumeral components can accommodate the Latitude EV bipolar radial head

Allows for optimal mechanical balance of radiohumeral articulation

Ti Plasma Spray

Enhances long term fixation

...simply restore the natural kinematics of the elbow.

Humeral Spool
Concave barrel shaped trochlea preserves linear contact through 7° varus/valgus movement with ulnar component

Radial Head
60% of comprehensive loads are transferred across the radiohumeral joint. Morrey et al, JBJS 70-A 1988. Latitude is the only total elbow prosthesis that enables surgeons to maintain the radiohumeral joint when alignment is adequate.

Ulnar Stem
Shape replicates natural bow of the ulna to aid in ease of insertion and reduce stresses on the cortical wall

Humeral Stem
Square shape for rotational stability

Anterior Flange
For bone graft

Medial/Lateral Fins
Prevent rotation

Ulnar Cap Option
To enable use as a linked or unlinked implant


User Friendly, Intuitive Instrumentation

The Latitude EV system offers new, completely redesigned instrumentation. The instrumentation system allows for accurate component positioning with humeral, ulnar, and radial preparations that are separate but codependent.



The Tornier Elbow Prosthesis is intended for total elbow arthroplasty. Prosthetic replacement with this device may be indicated to relieve severe pain or significant disability following the effects of primary or secondary osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; correction of functional deformities; revision procedures where other treatments or devices have failed; treatment of fractures that are unmanageable using other techniques. The Tornier Elbow Prosthesis is intended for cemented use only.


Systemic infection is an absolute contraindication. Every effort should be made to rule out the possibility of preoperative sepsis in patients who have one or more of the following abnormalities: fever and/or local inflammation; rapid joint destruction or bone resorption apparent on roentgenograms; elevation of sedimentation rate unexplained by other disease; elevation of WBC count; distant foci of infection from genitourinary, pulmonary, skin and other sites, dental focus infection which may cause hematogenous spread to the implant site; skeletally immature patients; cases where there is inadequate neuromuscular status, poor bone stock, or poor skin coverage around the elbow joint that would make the procedure unjustifiable; neuromuscular or psychiatric disorders which might jeopardize fixation and postoperative care; known allergy to one of the materials; pregnancy.

Latitude EV has been designed in conjunction with:

Graham King, MD (University of Western Ontario); Shawn O’Driscoll, MD, PhD (Mayo Foundation); Ken Yamaguchi, MD (Washington University)

Ordering Information

Humeral Spools
DKY211Small Right
DKY212Small Left
DKY213Medium Right
DKY214Medium Left
DKY215Large Right
DKY216Large Left
DKY217Large+ Right
DKY218Large+ Left
Humeral Stems
0030302Small Standard Right
0030303Small Standard Left
0030402Medium Standard Right
0030403Medium Standard Left
0030502Large Standard Right
0030503Large Standard Left
0030312Small 150 mm Right
0030313Small 150 mm Left
0030412Medium 150 mm Right
0030413Medium 150 mm Left
0030512Large 150 mm Right
0030513Large 150 mm Left
0030322Small 200 mm Right
0030323Small 200 mm Left
0030422Medium 200 mm Right
0030423Medium 200 mm Left
0030522Large 200 mm Right
0030523Large 200 mm Left
Ulnar Stems
0030010Small Short Right
0030011Small Short Left
0030110Medium Short Right
0030111Medium Short Left
0030210Large Short Right
0030211Large Short Left
0030020Small Standard Right
0030021Small Standard Left
0030120Medium Standard Right
0030121Medium Standard Left
0030220Large Standard Right
0030221Large Standard Left
0030030Small 125 mm Right
0030031Small 125 mm Left
0030130Medium 125 mm Right
0030131Medium 125 mm Left
0030230Large 125 mm Right
0030231Large 125 mm Left
0030040Small 150 mm Right
0030041Small 150 mm Left
0030140Medium 150 mm Right
0030141Medium 150 mm Left
0030240Large 150 mm Right
0030241Large 150 mm Left
Ulnar Caps
Radial Heads and Stems
DKY056Small Head
DKY057Medium Head
DKY058Large Head
DKY059Large+ Head
DKY0615.0 mm Stem
DKY0626.5 mm Stem
Cement Restrictors
EBO101Cement Restrictor
(Diameter Range 8-15 mm)
EBO102Cement Restrictor
(Diameter Range 5-8 mm)
Single Use Items
DKY090Single Use Suture Passer
DWD0603 mm Drill Bit
Prior to using any Tornier device, please review the instructions for use and surgical technique for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events, and directions for use.