RHS Radial Head System

The RHS is one of the most flexible and comprehensive radial head systems available with the ability to treat complex radial head fractures, arthrosis, and revision. This anatomically designed bipolar system consists of multiple stem diameters and head sizes, which provide the best choice for each patient and is the only bipolar press-fit design that provides biological in-growth.

RHS™ Radial Head System

Features & Benefits

The intraoperative flexibility and modular design also allows for easy insertion with one set of accurate, intuitive instruments for both cementless and cemented implant options.

  • The bipolar radial head is as effective as a monoblock design for restoring valgus stability in an MCL deficient elbow.
  • The bipolar design maintains optimal congruence with both the capitellum and ulna with self-centering capability.
  • Free rotation between the components diminishes torsional stress at the implant/bone interface during pronation and supination resulting in better long term implant fixation and decreased capitellar wear.
  • Multiple stem diameters and head sizes allow the best choice to fit every patient, while the modular design allows for easy insertion.