Pyrocarbon CMI

The pyrocarbon CMI Carpometacarpal Implant is designed to relieve basal thumb joint pain associated with early stage CMC arthritis. This pioneering pyrocarbon implant is intended to improve the thumb’s range of motion and biomechanical function, and restore strength, mobility, and long-term stability to the failed or deficient trapeziometacarpal joint.

CMI Carpometacarpal Implant

Features & Benefits

Its unipolar design and straight-forward surgical technique allow for near anatomical joint function.

The CMI system includes a procedure-specific instrument set, featuring a novel trapezium reamer, and sterile-packaged implants.

Product advantages include:

  • Angled and off-set head design allows for improved joint function (strength, stability, and range of motion)
  • “Bone preserving” — minimal bone resection allows for a myriad of salvage and/or future procedures, as necessary
    • Minimal metacarpal bone resection
    • Retains more of the trapezium than competing products
  • Preserves critical soft tissue structure
  • Preserves thumb height
  • Pyrocarbon material
    • Provides optimal wear characteristics
    • Has a near identical modulus of elasticity to that of bone, which decreases the risk of material breakdown and adverse wear of healthy cartilage.
    • Considered to be ideally suited for articulation against bone and native cartilage. (Cook SD, Thomas KA, Kester MA. JBJS [BR] 1989; 71-B:189-97)