NexFix Compression Screw

NexFix™ Compression Screws, available in 3.0, 4.5 and 6.5 diameters, are versatile self-drilling and self-tapping cannulated fixation devices for fusions, osteotomies and fractures. Their headless design reduces profile risks related to traditional lag screws.

The NexFix Compression Screw System contains an easy screw retrieval device for intraoperative assurance.

NexFix™ Compression Screw

Features & Benefits

versatile self-drilling and self-tapping.

  • System contains an easy screw retrieval device for intraoperative assurance
  • Stainless steel construction offers optimal strength and soft tissue compatibility
  • Fully cannulated system for accurate screw placement
  • Self drilling and self tapping features eliminate the need to use a drill bit in most cases
  • Larger diameter screws are available with short and long distal threads and washers for added compression and stability in osteopenic bone


For fixation of osteotomies, fusions and fractures.

Instrument Sets

NexFix 3.0 Compression Screw Instrument Set

NexFix 4.5 Compression Screw Instrument Set

NexFix 6.5 Compression Screw Instrument Set

Ordering Information

NexFix Compression Screw 3.0

Catalog#DiameterOverall Length
NCS-30103.0 mm10 mm
NCS-30123.0 mm12 mm
NCS-30143.0 mm14 mm
NCS-30163.0 mm16 mm
NCS-30183.0 mm18 mm
NCS-30203.0 mm20 mm
NCS-30223.0 mm22 mm
NCS-30243.0 mm24 mm
NCS-30263.0 mm26 mm
NCS-30283.0 mm28 mm
NCS-30303.0 mm30 mm
NCS-30323.0 mm32 mm
NCS-30343.0 mm34 mm

NexFix Compression Screw 4.5

Catalog#DiameterOverall LengthDistal Length
NCS-40144.5 mm14 mm4 mm
NCS-40164.5 mm16 mm5 mm
NCS-40184.5 mm18 mm6 mm
NCS-40204.5 mm20 mm7 mm
NCS-40224.5 mm22 mm7 mm
NCS-40244.5 mm24 mm8 mm
NCS-40264.5 mm26 mm9 mm
NCS-40284.5 mm28 mm9 mm
NCS-43004.5 mm30 mm10 mm
NCS-40324.5 mm32 mm11 mm
NCS-40344.5 mm34 mm11 mm
NCS-40364.5 mm36 mm12 mm
NCS-40384.5 mm38 mm13 mm
NCS-40404.5 mm40 mm13 mm
NCS-40414.5 mm40 mm20 mm
NCS-40454.5 mm45 mm15 mm
NCS-40464.5 mm45 mm23 mm
NCS-40504.5 mm50 mm17 mm
NCS-40514.5 mm50 mm25 mm
NCS-40554.5 mm55 mm18 mm
NCS-40564.5 mm55 mm28 mm
NCS-40604.5 mm60 mm20 mm
NCS-40614.5 mm60 mm30 mm
NCS-40654.5 mm65 mm22 mm
NCS-40664.5 mm65 mm33 mm

NexFix Compression Screw 6.5

Catalog#DiameterOverall LengthDistal Length
NCS-60406.5 mm40 mm14 mm
NCS-60456.5 mm45 mm16 mm
NCS-60506.5 mm50 mm20 mm
NCS-60556.5 mm55mm20 mm
NCS-60606.5 mm60 mm20 mm
NCS-60656.5 mm65 mm20 mm
NCS-60706.5 mm70 mm20 mm
NCS-60756.5 mm75 mm20 mm
NCS-60766.5 mm75 mm32 mm
NCS-60806.5 mm80 mm20 mm
NCS-60816.5 mm80 mm32 mm
NCS-60856.5 mm85 mm20 mm
NCS-60866.5 mm85 mm32 mm
NCS-60906.5 mm90 mm20 mm
NCS-60916.5 mm90 mm32 mm
NCS-60956.5 mm95 mm20 mm
NCS-60966.5 mm95 mm32 mm
NCS-61006.5 mm100 mm20 mm
NCS-61016.5 mm100 mm32 mm
NCS-61056.5 mm105 mm20 mm
NCS-61066.5 mm105 mm32 mm
NCS-61106.5 mm110 mm20 mm
NCS-61116.5 mm110 mm32 mm
NCS-61156.5 mm115 mm20 mm
NCS-61166.5 mm115 mm32 mm
NCS-61206.5 mm120 mm20 mm
NCS-61216.5 mm120 mm32 mm