CoverLoc Volar Plate

The CoverLoc Volar Plate provides surgeons a truly innovative solution to distal radius fractures.

CoverLoc™ Volar Plate

Features & Benefits

The patent-pending CoverLoc technology allows fragments to be lagged to the plate for greater construct stability and allows screw placement at pre-determined anatomic angles. The optimized plate profile enables maximum distal placement of the plate to buttress volar-ulnar fragments without stuffing the compartment.

  • CoverLoc
    • Lag screw compression
    • Locks in fixed screw angles
    • Minimizes soft tissue abrasion
  • Optimized Plate Profile
    • Anatomic volar tilt allows distal placement
    • Increased volar-ulnar fragment buttress
    • Low profile distal lip avoids tendon impingement and overstuffing
  • Anatomic screw/peg placement
    • Two anatomically aligned radial styloid screws
    • Anatomic screw/peg arrangement provides optimal subchondral support
    • Interlocking basket effect


CoverLoc technology is a patent pending advancement that provides the surgeons with lag screw compression into the bone while still having fixed angle screws. In addition, securing the CoverLoc sheath also provides a smooth surface for all soft tissues to glide along.

Optimized Plate Profile includes an anatomic volar tilt angle that allows for a more distal placement of the plate. With the raised ulnar portion of the plate the difficult volar-ulnar fragments are more easily buttressed and the tapered distal lip avoids overstuffing the compartment.

Anatomic Screw/Peg Placement positions provide support exactly where it’s needed. The anatomically aligned radial screws precisely align to the radial styloid peak. The distal and proximal holes are arranged to provide optimal subchondral bone support while also providing a secure interlocking basket effect.