Aequalis Reversed II Shoulder System

The Reversed II system offers simplicity and adaptability for every patient. With an extensive and interchangeable offering of baseplates, inserts and glenoid sphere combinations, the Reversed II system creates a patient-specific implant every time.

Aequalis™ Reversed II Shoulder System

General Information

Reversed II has complete adaptability

Tornier delivers a comprehensive offering of interchangeable implant components to address scapular notching, adjust deltoid tension and maximize joint stability.

Widest Range of Poly Insert Options


In addition to the standard insert, Tornier offers three unique options for optimized implant stability and feel:

Retentive “Deep Dish”

Additional 2mm depth increases congruency between the glenoid sphere and the humeral insert.

+2mm Eccentric

Decreases deltoid tensioning when encountering difficult reductions with eccentric spheres.

36/42 Combo

Adapts 36mm metaphysis to a 42mm glenoid sphere for increased range of motion.

Glenoid Sphere Options


In addition to the standard centered glenoid sphere, Tornier offers two other options:

10° Tilted

Provides anatomical correction for patients with superior glenoid wear, increases the arc of articulation to expand range of motion, and lateralizes the center of rotation within the baseplate to manage scapular notching.


Provides 2mm of inferior offset to generate glenoid overhang and address scapular notching.

Baseplate Options

Standard Post Baseplate

25mm and 29mm Baseplate

In addition to the standard 29mm baseplate, the 25mm baseplate can be used to accommodate patients with smaller anatomies.

Hydroxyapatite Coated Post

Grooved surface HA coated post optimizes osteointegration and fixation to the baseplate.


Long Post Baseplate Option

15mm and 25mm post available for bone grafting, revision, and patients with poor bone stock.

Threaded Post Baseplate


One-piece central screw design

One-piece central screw design that delivers increased tactile sense of fixation and acts like an additional locking screw for baseplate fixation. Additionally, the baseplate features 2mm of added lateralization to reduce the need for peripheral reaming and reduce scapular notching.


Plasma Spray Post

The plasma spray post provides increased surface area for long term fixation.


Baseplate Options

Available in 25mm and 29mm diameters with post lengths of 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm to accommodate the variety of patient anatomies.

Simplified Instrumentation

The Reversed II system provides a complete, simple solution for any situation... whether it’s a cannulated or non-cannulated technique, a supero-lateral or delto-pectoral approach, a primary or revision procedure. That means you can deliver the right care for every patient, every time.

Low-Profile Peripheral Reamers

Glenoid Accessibility

Reversed II features low profile glenoid reamers designed to remove accessibility challenges.

Cannulated Reamer

Cannulated Glenoid Instrumentation

The system includes glenoid instrumentation to perform both cannulated and non-cannulated techniques. This flexibility delivers guided access and improved accuracy.

Humeral Cut Guides

Approach-Specific Instrumentation

Rather than adapting the same instrumentation to perform both the delto-pectoral and supero-lateral approaches, Reversed II includes specific instrumentation to accommodate each approach separately. Simplify access and visibility with specialized humeral head cutting guides and hinged reamer shafts.

Convertibility to a Hemi-Prosthesis

In the case of a revision, intra-operative glenoid fracture, or when glenoid bone stock is insufficient, Reversed II easily converts to a hemi-prosthesis without removing the stem. Select any humeral head size from the standard Aequalis system to convert from a reversed procedure to a hemi-arthroplasty.